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What is Swegway? 

In most cases, you must have heard of the word Swegway through the media or any other place. So what does Swegway mean?

This is a technically equipped vehicle with two parallel wheels, which are secured to the base. They employ the self-balancing technology that allows you stand firmly and balance your body while standing or squatting depending on the speed you wish to move at. The no handlebars Swegway can move up to a speed of about 4.5Km per hour for the beginners and up to 20 km per hours for the pros; hence an ideal way to move to other places safely. The device is powered by a battery that is included and needs to be charged once it runs out of power.

The Swegway with no handlebars has now made it passionate to move in a simple, intelligent, and efficient manner. The self-balancing vehicle utilizes the patented dynamic stabilizing technology to move and give you a better balance even when at a higher speed. The latest Swegways are even more safe and secure and this explains the high increase of the products on the market.

How to Ride Swegway

When this device was being constructed, they ensured that it is very safe in order to reduce the incidences of accidents. It is a smart scooter that can support up to 220 lbs. This means that it is ideal for both kids and adults. As a beginner, you may find it tricky to balance on the scooter. To get started, you will need to switch on the power button. Then put one leg on the swegway. You can find a support like a wall to give you more stability. Try moving it forth and backward and feel how it will move. After this, put the other leg and when you feel you aren’t stable on it, then find a better support. Once you have both legs on the self-balancing scooter, it will move with a lot of ease. In most cases, the swegway has been used for a wide range of activities like shooting videos as it can move a relatively higher speed.

How Does Swegway Balance?

The Swegway employs the dynamic stabilization technology, which allows you to perfectly balance on the two wheels. In order to move forward while on the device, you will need to lean forward. This will allow the wheels to move in the front direction. On the other hand, you also need to lean backward in case you wish to move backward. The more you lean backward or forwards, the higher the speed of the device. This, therefore, implies that whenever you need to achieve a higher or low speed, then you need to lean more or reduce the leaning.

Apart from moving forward and backward, the no-handlebar Swegway also allows you to move either right or left. For right or left turn, you will just need to turn to the expected direction. This means that you can easily negotiate a corner even when moving at a higher speed without falling off the device.

This smart and high quality device uses gyroscope rotating wheels and its axis to allow for a free turn in any given direction. With this, the device is able to attain the ultimate self-balancing that is referred to as a dynamic stabilization

The driving of Swegway has been related to skiing in most cases. This is because the device feels like an extension of your body. While on the device, you will be shifting sets of motion as you rapidly feel the slightest steering impulses through the body. This makes driving of Swegway entirely intuitive since you have a full control of the two wheel self-balancing vehicle. This is a great fun that you will indeed love to try out for yourself and you will realize that all is just like carving on skis.

The wheels of the Swegway are designed in a unique way and this is the reason it will perfectly move through different terrains with a lot of ease. The device also has a solid construction, which means that it will serve you for the longest time possible. The Swegway as described as the worldwide first self-balancing means of transportation for individuals by the founder, Dean Kamen. When you have a close look at a Swegway in motion, you will realize that it is definitely a self-balancing and the most ideal means of transport. Since the device can balance on the two wheels, you will find it very easy to pack and even store.

When Did Swegway Start?

The Swegway was launched back in 2001 by Dean Kamen. The two-wheeled self-balanced device had its invention, financing, and development based on a narrative non-fiction book. The device was first available for purchase on the market in 2003. At this moment, there were only three different models. Later in 2006, they launched other models like the x2 and i2. The i2 isn’t too wide like the x2 and this is the reason why it is mainly used on plan areas like moving through the cities. The x2 is known to larger and ideal for traveling on the terrains of the mountain. The second generation of Swegway now offers more reliable and easy movement. This is due to the fact that they have got a handlebar to allow you move in all directions.

Today, Swegway has continued to evolve with new features and models. This implies that you can now find more advanced Swegway that will assure you of quality services. You can always find some of the best Swegway online and you need to be smart in your selection.

How to Find the Ultimate Swegway

After getting to understand all about the Swegway, you may be looking forward to buying one of the latest models on the market. For the best purchase, there are a number of factors to look out for. Some of these include; battery life, the safety of the device, its responsiveness, price, and warranty among others.

The above information gives you more insight into the origin and functionality of the Swegway. These are important factors that anyone who wishes to purchase a Swegway needs to have in mind. The Swegways are now the leading self-balancing and personal transporters that are very safe and reliable. This is because they can easily move through different terrains. Based on the model you purchase, you can comfortably move through the mountain terrains or within the city. Apart from this, always ensure that you choose carefully when making your purchase.

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