With all of the hype of swegways in 2015 and again now in 2016, it is no surprise that there has also been a fair amount of negative press in the media. Unfortunately, it comes with the territory of having a new electronic product that when released initially by some suppliers was not very well tested. Now, in October of 2016 the hoverboard industry has evolved quite a bit and the US and the EU have created standards for the quality of hoverboards and hoverboard charges.

The most obvious example of quality standards UL2722 quality standards for hoverboards in the US.

One thing that however, has not been mentioned much in the media is how regular hoverboard consumers can get the most out of their balance board by taking some simple precautions and following a few easy tips.  Its good to think of a hoverboard like a car, you can buy a quality car but if you have an accident every couple of months, never service your car, drive poorly, never change the oil, and otherwise neglect your car then you can expect some problems in the future regardless of the quality of the car you own.  The same can be said of hoverboards, it is durable but it can be damaged like any other electronic device.

So follow these tips to get the most out of your hard earned money and avoid having to buy another hoverboard or pay costly repair fees:

Tip #1: Avoid getting into accidents or rough handling of the board

This is critical.  Accidents happen, however ever accident you have has the potential to do serious damage to your board.  Remember our example above, think of your board like your car, you definitely know that having accident upon accident in your car is not only unsafe for your car but for your own personal safety as well.  Be sure  if you are new to hoverboarding that you go through some tutorials indoors to build up your confidence before driving the swegway outdoors or on the streets.  Also, needless to say handling the board roughly like throwing it around or dropping it is playing with fire.

Tip #2: Watch out for the screws and other parts

If you have to take off the case of your board, remember to put back all the screws tightly and don’t use the board with missing screws.  If you are worried about losing them you can always bind them with duct tape.

Tip #3: Charge the board fully whenever possible

It is a good idea to charge the board fully before using it whenever you can because over time the battery can wear out and you will need to replace it.  Also, when the charge reaches 15% its a good time to charge it again to also avoid draining the battery to quickly.

Tip #4: Protect your hoverboard from Day 1

If you have a new board you can buy a protective silicone case or even use hockey tape or electrical tape to protect your scooters plastic shell.  This will limit the possibility of aesthetic damage, scratches or cracks.  There are tons of protective products on the market but just be sure you buy the one that corresponds to your scooters wheel size: 6.5, 8 or 10 inches.

Tip #5: Be careful of how you use your hoverboard (the terrain, speed, and who drives it)


It can be nice to drive your scooter off-road but keep in mind that depending on the terrain this has potential to damage your scooter.  Perhaps a 8 inch hoverboard or a 10 inch hoverboard can stand up better to off-roading but not always.  At the very least this can lead to scratches and chips in an unprotected plastic cover.

Speed is an obvious one, this thing is not an indy car and you should not be going at max speeds all the time for your own safety as well as for the good of your swegway.

Also, you want to be careful about the weight limits, its usually 100 kg or 220 lbs.  If you have any friends who want to try out your board who are on the bigger side, you may want to politely decline because it could lead to a costly repair bill down the road.

We hope these tips will help hoverboard fans out there take some time to think on how they are using their swegways and if they can improve their riding to make sure they get many good years of fun.

Happy hoverbording! :)