Since these babies hit the market many people have watched the plethora of videos found on youtube, vine, instagram etc where both celebrities and normal people have shared their “unboxings”, reviews and also horsing around on swegways.  However there is still a lot of confusion and uncertainty about these items.  They are a powerful piece of technology and also don’t come very cheap.  As such it’s better to be informed before buying.

Swegway self balancing scooter fun1) How do they work?
Self balancing scooters use gyroscope technology in order to balance the user without the need for handle bars like in traditional segways.  Most users say that it is pretty easy to get used to like riding a bike after not riding one for the winter for example.  It is intuitive.  If you check out youtube you will see tons of videos of people riding it for the first time.  They are wobbling around and sometimes falling off but in the end they get used it.  These are safe scooters but just use common sense until you get used to it and it’s recommended not to go at max speed on the first day you use it or on unfamiliar terrain.

2) What is the maximum weight?
This depends on the scooter model.  At the time that I wrote this article we had 2 different models in stock, in our first model the recommended maximum weight is 100 kg or 220 lbs and in our second bluetooth model the maximum recommended weight limit is 120 kg or 265 lbs more or less.  It is advisable for users above this weight to not use these models.  For users above this body weight we will stock some larger wheel heavy duty chassis models in the future to accommodate.  You can always contact us if you have any doubts.

3) How fast can they go?
It is fairly standard that the maximum speed is about 15 km/hr or 9-10 miles per hour.  This depends on various factors but up to 18-20 km/hr is also reachable depending on load weight, terrain, incline etc.

4) Are they waterproof?
Yes, however within reason as this is still a piece of electronic equipment not meant to be completely submerged in water for prolonged periods of time.  To be clear driving it around in a shallow creek bed or submerging it in a swimming pool or at the beach is not its intended use, but driving it down the streets of  London on a rainy day is completely fine and the user shouldn’t experience any problems.

5) Where are they made?
All of these items whether $2000 or $500 dollars are manufactured in China and rebranded by the distributors.

6) What about warranty?
Most Chinese manufacturers offer a 24 month warranty or something similar.  However the only drawback of this is that the cost of postage to return the item and get repairs done is usually astronomical.  Therefore it is recommended to keep this in mind when buying.

7) How can I keep mine in good condition once I’ve bought it?
This item is engineered for frequent use and can take quite a beating but like anything else abuse it too much and you can expect problems.   Using a carrying case is a good idea, and cleaning it when you come inside from muddy and rocky terrain will avoid scratches and other aesthetic damage.  Not traveling all the time at the max speed is also advisable and being cautious during extreme heat.  Overall, common sense is the key here.

8) How long does shipping usually take?
Depending on where you purchase the item from.  At our store if shipped from our overseas warehouse there is a processing time of 3-5 business days and an additional 7 business days of transit time.  However we also have stock in Spain and the UK in which case shipments arrive in just a few days without Europe.  This is something you should contact us about if you are concerned before submitting your self balancing scooter order.

9) How is the quality of the self balancing scooters and are they durable?
The scooters are definitely a durable piece of a equipment.  Just take a look at all the kids on youtube beating these things up in their videos and they keep on going.  That being said as mentioned earlier, you shouldn’t push your luck as dealing with warranty returns and repairs is most likely going to cost you if you abuse it in your use and it breaks.  Most stores only cover DOA warranties.

10) What accessories do they have?
The most obvious accessory is the carrying case.  We always include it free of cost for our buyers as we think that it is useful to keep the item clean and be able to carry it back home etc.  It’s not a huge additional cost for us as we work with a large factory and distribute around the world.

11) What colours are available?
Practically every colour you could want.  If you decide to order from us and a colour is not in stock.  We can almost always get it if you allow us a processing of an additional 2-3 days.

12) Are different brands really that important?
For this item pretty much no.  If you check the reviews online its pretty much the same for scooters like ours with the cheapest prices on the market and scooters where the price tag is 3-4 times our pricing.  The reason is that they come from the same factories in china and you pay for a slapped on logo.  The one important factor for some buyers however is that some expensive brands might offer repairs and distribution from the buyer’s country which could be helpful in the event of problems.  Although in reality since most sellers including ourselves protect against Dead on Arrival items and offer support paying 3-4 times more to have this sense of security may be overkill.

13) How long can it go on one charge?
The Samsung battery has a 15-20 km range.  This depends on a lot of factors that the user should consider such as speed, terrain, battery type etc etc.

14) Is a regular battery OK for Monorover R2 or should I go with the Samsung battery?
Our recommendation is go with the samsung battery for longer duration per charge and since we charge the batteries below cost in order to allow our buyers to benefit from the optimal use with these swegway self balancing scooters.

15) Can I buy the scooter carrying case separately?
Sure, at the time of this article we didn’t have it posted in the shop but this week we will for customers who want just a case.

If readers have any other questions about these scooters feel free to comment or contact us.