Whether you purchased your swegway self balancing scooter from us or another vendor there are some technical issues that occur on rare occasions.  Its good to know that most of these issues can be solved quite simply with the correct knowledge.

Since this is still new technology, sometimes problems can occur.  We try to mitigate this as much as possible by doing quality control in our manufacturing process however just like any electronic device, defects do occur as well as external circumstances can cause a scooter to break of malfunction.  We suggest anyone who is having technical difficulties with a swegway to use this guide to try to solve their problem and write a comment or question if something is unclear.  Also, if you have any pointers to add to other readers feel free to comment, I am sure our readers will appreciate any practical advice from other users.

So let’s dive into the most common types of swegway errors and problems:

Problems with calibration

This is the most common problem.  The symptoms of this the red warning light goes on.

SOLUTION: do a recalibration of your scooter

The steps do a recalibration are:

  1. Turn your scooter off
  2. Put the swegway on a perfectly flat surface and make sure the wheels and axle are aligned straight and flat with the ground
  3. Press the power button and hold it down for 5 seconds
  4. The light will start blinking, when this happens release the power button
  5. Now the calibration process has begun, leave the scooter alone to allow the process to complete.
  6. Once the process is complete the scooter should be ready to use as normal.

Problem with the pads getting stuck

This is another relatively common problem.  When it happens, the board will not be able to sense the rider and wont work properly.


  1. Turn off your hoverboard
  2. Try to push down hard on the pads and release to see if you can get them back into place
  3. Upon doing so power up the swegway, test it, if this fails…
  4. Power off the board again, remove the lower plastic case and try to reposition pads from inside the scooter

Scooter Shakes when getting on or off (an infrared sensor problem)

This is a common but unnerving issue.  Thankfully it is usually a relatively quick fix.

SOLUTION 1 (Cutting sensors, **some technical skill required. see below solution 2 for easier fix):

  1. Remove the plastic cover, but be careful for cables and not to loose the screws from the cover.
  2. Locate the infrared balance sensor. It should look like this:
  3. Take a photo of how the cables are attached to avoid problems later.
  4. Remove the 4 screws that hold the sensor in place
  5. Use scissors to cut the sensor about 1.5 millimetres.
  6. Do the same for the second sensor, try to cut it as evenly as possible
  7. Now use the photo you took to reassemble the scooter and reattach the plastic case.

SOLUTION 2: (this solution doesn’t involve cutting the sensors)

Here is also another potential solution that does not involve cutting the scooter, checkout this video.


There are generally 2 types of problems that occur with power.  They are:

  1. The scooter will not charge (due to losing contact with the charging port)
  2. The scooter will not start again after being charged (due to the swegway losing contact with the power supply)

SOLUTION: (some technical knowledge required)

  1. Power off the scooter
  2. Turn the swegway over and open up the cover.
  3. Check thoroughly for loose wires and disconnected cables, if any are found push them back together
  4. If this does not solve the problem inspect the wires for any damaged wires.  Repair any found with repairing tape.
  5. Before touching the circuitry, make sure you are free of electric charges, ie not wearing cotton etc you can polarise yourself or use rubber gloves
  6. Inspect the board capacitors.  If any are damaged they need to be replaced, and possibly the whole logic board could need to be replaced.  If they are burnt or black they are damaged

We will add more guides and tips in the future.  Feel free to post any questions or comments below, we can also answer technical questions if you have a problem with your hoverboard.