After many long nights and too much caffeine our new website has now been launched.  We have added the newest models of swegways available you can feel free to ask us if there is a model or colour not listed as we can probably back order or it or send it direct.

As time goes on we will update with new models but for now the most popular models are listed.  The classic swegway self balancing scooter, and the top seller can be found here , we currently have a stock of this item in Spain which we can ship out to customers in Europe very easily and of course we have stock as well in Hong Kong with our distributor.  Contact us to know more detailed stock information but what we have listed is definitely in stock somewhere.

The scooters we ship to the United States and the European Union (including the UK) are VAT (in the case of Europe), sales tax (in the case of the USA) and duty paid.  What this means for the buyer is that when the item arrives with UPS or DHL (which are the main carriers we use) there are no additional fees to be paid. This is important because when ordering from some sellers if the declared value is for example $500 and the VAT and duty is calculated on that amount for example 20% UK VAT and duties, this could be more than $100 of additional costs to pay for the consumer.   For our buyers in other countries like Canada, Australia, and New Zealand we do our best to reduce the taxes you would incur but if you have any concern that is country specific please contact us first as we are very familiar with international shipping and often the regulations of individual countries.

Our shipping process depends on the facility we ship the item from but we always have tracking within 3-5 business days unfortunately when we ship it from overseas sometimes there is not data in the beginning but it always updates and gets delivered quickly afterwards.