We have included the most common questions and answers to save us both time.

(1) Where do you ship to?
We ship worldwide but we offer free shipping to the following places:
– U.K.
Buyers in other countries please contact us for details about shipping to your country.

(2) Are there any other taxes/duties or costs when I order at Swegway Store?
If you are located in the United States or Any E.U country including the U.K. you never have to pay any additional costs because we ship your order from within your country.  We have pre-imported the items or we ship them and handle the import procedure before shipping the item to you.

(3) Do you offer overnight shipping?
Usually this is not possible because we do not have every item in stock in every country.  However we usually have a stock of many scooters in the U.K. and when we do we offer 1 day shipping, you can contact us if this is a concern for you and we can try to do it.

(4) How does shipping work?  What is the shipping time?
Customers in the USA and Europe usually get free shipping with USA express (for USA customers) or UK express (for European customers) with their order sent from a local warehouse.  The delivery time is 1-5 business days on average.
All items have full stock with standard delivery:
Currently for USA and Canada buyers the item arrives within 7-15 days and we use FedEx for shipment.
For UK and E.U. buyers it can take 7-14 days if sent from outside our UK warehouse, this is due to customs delays if not sent from within the UK.  You will have a tracking number with UPS and it updates about 1-3 days before your order is delivered.  This is perfectly normal because there are no tracking updates when the item is in airfreight in transit to the UK or another E.U. country.  Don’t be concerned as we handle the whole process including VAT and duties and door to door delivery.

(5) My tracking number hasn’t updated?  It says label created or doesn’t have detailed information.
This is perfectly normal.  The reason is that the item is in customs clearance, if you check it in a few days you should see updates.

(6) Do you offer wholesale?
We are a retailer and normally we don’t offer wholesale but if you are planning to purchase more than 20 scooters you can feel free to contact us for wholesale pricing.  Otherwise you can complete your purchase from the web store.

(7) How do warranties work?
We stand behind our swegways, and we recommend our customers to read about how our warranty works on our warranty page.

(8) What payment methods do you accept?
We currently accept: Credit cards via the website.  However if you wish to pay via bank transfer, SEPA transfer (E.U) or Western Union you can contact us for details.

(9) Can I purchase a Swegway in a retail store?
We only sell online.  You can find resellers of swegway in retail stores but expect to pay a higher price.

(10) Can I get a free swegway?
Unfortunately, we do not give away free swegways unless its a promotion or contest that we are offering at that time.

(11) Can you sell me replacement parts?
Yes, we can provide all the parts of the swegway, just browse our store add to cart and buy the ones you need.

(12) Can I order over the phone?
We only allow orders to be placed online in a secure environment, for your own financial peace of mind its better to not give sensitive financial information over the phone.

(13) Do you offer phone support?
Yes, in the event that you have a request that cannot be answered by email or some urgent request fill out the call back request phone and we will call you back within 1 business day.  This option is only available to Canada and USA numbers.