At Swegway Store we love hoverboards!  However, we know that sometimes problems arise, these are complicated electronic creatures and from time to time technical difficulties can happen.  We do our best in the manufacturing process to quality control everything as best we can but still you never know.   For this reason we recommend our customers to spend a few bucks extra and buy extended coverage for their scooter which can definitely pay off in the end.


What are my Warranty Options?

(1) Free Standard Warranty

This warranty is the cheapest option, because its free!  This offers limited coverage, which includes a 15 natural days DOA (dead on arrival) warranty, on problems which arrive within the first 15 days.  Issues caused by misuse etc are not covered.  The buyer can return the item within 15 days of the delivery date to our closest facility and receive a repair or a new scooter depending on the diagnosed issue.

This might lead one to ask, so what do I do if I have problems after 15 days?  Do not worry we will not leave our buyers high and dry.  We can offer replacement parts at cost, and also we allow buyers to send the scooter to our repair centre in the USA at cost.  We do not charge any extra profit on the parts and labour in this case.   So even if your scooter is severely damaged it can be repaired usually on the cheap.

(2) USA & Canada – 1 Year Extended Coverage

For our buyers from the USA and Canada we offer a 1 year extended warranty.

This covers technical problems that may arise with the scooter within 1 year.  If you buy this warranty we will email you a PDF document which you can print or save to your files.  The document will contain the coverage period (1 Year) and details of the warranty as we have outlined here as well as your unique warranty number.   In the event of any problems the procedure is simple.  You return your broken scooter to our USA centre, and we send out a brand new scooter to you, or depending on the nature of the problem we repair the scooter and ship it back to you.

What does this warranty not cover.  Like any warranty where electronics are involved, we do not cover things such as: water damage, misuse causing damage, etc.  We cover anything that is a fault of the product.  So for example, if you leave your swegway in the middle of the road and it gets flattened by a passing flatbed truck, then sad to say your warranty wont cover it!  In other cases, you can rest assured that you have protection if you purchase this warranty.

(3) EU – 1 Year Extended Coverage

This is pretty much the same deal as the USA & Canada warranty.  The difference being that our centre who handles this is in the EU.  Our EU customers will notice that the prices for the EU warranty are higher.  The reason being that we have to offer coverage to a 27 nation bloc instead of just 2 countries and the shipping costs and taxes are higher in Europe.  That being said, it still makes a lot of sense to shell out a little bit extra to have a comprehensive warranty extended for 1 year.  As we also mentioned previously, we won’t leave you high and dry if you decide not to purchase the extended warranty as we have a free standard warranty for all of our customers.

Note about Clearance items

All clearance items include the Free Standard Warranty as described above, extra warranty is not available for purchase on clearance items.

Why should I have to pay for a Warranty? I saw eBay sellers and Chinese sellers offering it for free…

Yes, we have seen that as well.  However, in reality the cost of shipping a scooter back to China is about 100-200 USD and what they do not tell you is if you have a problem you will have to send it back to China to be replaced.  This will cost you 100-200 USD to ship it there and 100-200 USD to get it shipped back.  That is if the scooter even arrives to China as Chinese customs rarely allows goods to pass unless customs paperwork is filled out properly.  The reason these sellers offer a warranty is simple, they will never have to actually replace a scooter because no one will ever pay to send the item back to China and pay for repairs and to get it sent back because it would be cheaper for them to throw their broken  scooter in the garbage and buy a new one!

We always email our customers a legally binding contract.  Also, we have facilities in Europe and the USA to facilitate returns and repairs for our customers.

Take a gander at our hoverboards if you’d like and ask us any questions!

Thanks to anyone who took the time to read about how our hoverboard warranty works.