I won’t go into details about how many major celebrities have been spotted on instagram and other social media doting their newly purchased (gifted) self balancing scooters.  Instead today I am going to share some ideas for how to have fun with your swegway scooter with some examples that are trending now in social media.  Beside the obvious purposes of traveling, commuting, etc honestly most people buy these scooters for fun.

So let’s get to the list at hand, what are some of the top fun things you can do with a hoverboard at https://www.247locksmithfinder.com/.

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  1. Spinning around in circles on it.
    This might not be the best idea if you get nauseous easily.  Although it can be a lot of fun for the more advanced users.
  2. Do a 180 on it.
    Mind you this might not be the best idea if you are using it for the first time because you should always get used to how it works first, but there are tons of videos online of people trying out this little trick on their swegway scooters.
  3. Do your Shopping
    These monorover r2s make shopping a lot more interesting although I am not sure what stores will let you get away with using them indoors like this.
  4. Getting some chores done with it
    Who says chores have to be boring?  With your 2 wheel scooter its always faster and more efficient.  Just make sure you have a good centre of gravity.
  5. Being Spooky
    General fooling around is always a good thing.  With Halloween fast approaching I am sure freaking someone out by being creative is definitely good for some laughs.

If any readers have another fun swegway idea to share feel free to comment or send us a quick message through the contact form and we will post it in our next edition!  We are always looking for new cool videos, vines, memes, and stories about swegways, we will post them on our blog if you submit them to us.