Today I am going to explain in a bit more detail about how shipping works at Swegway Store.   We are a global company and we offer worldwide shipping although our main areas of priority are the following countries and regions: USA, Canada, Australia, the UK,  and other EU countries.

We welcome buyers from other countries as well but its better you contact us because our free shipping offer only applies to the aforementioned countries.


Customers in the USA and any EU country including the UK and Ireland never need to pay any additional taxes.  We pay the VAT, import tax duty etc relevant to your country and we have warehouses in your country to handle dispatch.

(1) United States (Delivery estimate 5-12 days)
We have a logistics network in the United States.  95% of the time we use FedEx to send your package.  We dispatch the order from our warehouse in Hong Kong and during the first 3-5 days or so the item will not have tracking on FedEx.  The tracking can sometimes show “label created” until the goods clear the United States customs. In a few days after that the goods will be delivered to your address anywhere in the United States.
Occasionally, there are delays at customs etc which are outside of our control but we handle these issues as they come up and the goods will always arrive to you promptly.

(2) The European Union

We have 2 warehouses in 2 locations: Hong Kong and the United Kingdom.

(i) Goods sent from Hong Kong to Europe (Delivery estimate: 7-14 days)

Our European Office is in the UK.  We send all orders with destination addresses in the EU via air freight to our office in the UK.  We clear customs and pay all duties and VAT owed.  We then remit the order to the customer with delivery within 24 hours.  If we give you a UPS tracking number that doesn’t have updates for several days it means your items is in customs clearance.  Look back for updates in a few business days. This is normal.

(ii) Goods sent from our UK warehouse to a UK buyer address (Delivery estimate 24-48 hours)

We cannot guarantee that all items will be in stock in the UK.  In the event we send from the UK the items arrive in 24-48 hours.  It’s better to contact us prior to ordering if you need urgent shipping from the UK to check if we have stock.  Otherwise we have stock of all items in Hong Kong ready to ship.

(iii) Goods sent from our UK warehouse to another EU country (Delivery estimate 1-5 days)

Shipping to other EU destinations is free of charge from our UK warehouse as well.  The same conditions apply that we do not always have stock in the UK so inquire first if you need the item urgently.  As always we have full stock in our Hong Kong location.

(3) Goods Sent to Canada (Delivery estimate 5-10 days)

We gladly ship goods to Canada with FedEx.  We do not have customs clearance in Canada.  However we declare the value around 100 USD so with that info you can understand your tax burden.  Most of the time the goods clear without tax but it depends.  We cannot be responsible for Canadian taxes at this time.

(4) Goods Sent to Australia (Delivery in 10-15 days)

At this time the shipping route to Australia is a bit slow.  Import taxes are not necessary for the buyer to pay.